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Lighting with Erik Goddard

Erik Goddard is a talented miniature architect who specializes in realistic finishes and lighting effects. In this segment, he shares with you a few ideas for maximizing realism in your own miniature lighting effects.

Presenter: Erik Goddard    Advanced  

Grape Vine

In this demonstration Tanya shows us the techniques used to create a decorative mini grape vine for the garden, complete with twisting vines and gorgeous grapes.

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Intermediate  

Beachside Bungalow: Preparing for Shingles

In the eigth episode, Bob shows you how to prepare the roof for shingling that you will complete later in the project. This is a quick step you can do while waiting for glue or paint to dry.

Presenter: Bob Funk    Beginner   Series

Beachside Bungalow: Support Brackets

In the ninth episode, Bob begins assembling the many support brackets that will be installed later in the project. Exact alignment is crucial here, and this is another step you can work on while other pieces are drying.

Presenter: Bob Funk    Beginner   Series

Sunshine Tulips

Dollshouse.TV is happy to invite to the studio Carol Rosenthal, a mini flower expert, as she shows Bailey how to make multi-colored Sunshine Tulips.

Presenter: Carol Rosenthal     Advanced  

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