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Displaying Your Stock

Tiny stickers are the perfect tool for miniaturists, particularly when putting together a mini shop. Joyce shares her tips for using and displaying them.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Beginner  

A World of Miniatures: Podcast 2

We've got news, views, and plenty to peruse in the second World of Miniatures podcast. Joyce talks to a newcomer about getting started in the hobby.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Everyone  

Mini Lampshades

Learn how to make a quick change for an old table lamp. You can make a lampshade in whatever shape or color you need for your scene.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Beginner  

Rachael's Room Box

Joyce Dean is joined in the studio by Rachael Haydon to finish off the room box that they had planned during their October podcast.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Everyone  

Little Shelves

A little shelf can really perk up a plain wall or corner and can add a surprising amount of realistic detail to any room of the house.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Beginner  

Meet Gerry Welch

We find out more about the craftsman behind the name of Manorcraft. Joyce Dean speaks with Gerry Welch and takes a tour of his latest house.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Everyone  

Garden Bird Feeder

Looking for a great way to attract birds into your garden? Why not try this bird feeder project from the pages of Dollshouse World magazine.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Beginner  

Gardener's Box

Make a delightful little box for your gardener to keep all of his or her tools and accessories in one place. This makes a great addition to any garden scene.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Beginner  

Gardener's Accessories

Make a bag, apron, hat, and kneeling mat for your busy gardener. Tools, books, and seed packets can all be kept safe and ready to use.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Beginner  

Square Leather Bags

Make yourself a great little bag using some leather and card to help with the shape, then add a clasp and some jump rings for decoration.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Intermediate  

Bookmaking Ideas

Filling a mini book shelf can be a long and laborious job, but it can also be fun. Joyce Dean takes a look at different ideas for making a book.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Beginner  

Elegant Bedroom Chair

You can make a simple upholstered chair that will look right at home in any room of your house. Cover it in a fabric to match the tone of your decor.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Intermediate  

Personalized Tote Bag

This little tote bag can be personalized by adding a cross-stitch initial. This project was featured in issue 210 of Dollshouse World Magazine.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Advanced  

Meccano Kit

It's playtime and Joyce has an idea for the little boy in your dollhouse. Have fun making a meccano set in miniature - the classic toy for chaps and dads alike.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Beginner  

Poppies & Corn

Celebrate summer with a poppy and corn floral combination by Joyce. This quick and easy project will give you pretty results in no time.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Intermediate