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Top Tips: Tudor Jacobean Accessories

In the next episode of Sandra's Top Tips, we learn some fascinating ideas for creating accessories used in Tudor Jacobean miniature displays. As always, make sure to keep an eye out for interesting items that can be used in your miniatures.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Beginner   Part of Series

Top Tips: Christmas Quickmakes

In this Top Tips segment, Sanda has Christmas on the mind. She will give you some great ideas for sprucing up those standard bottlebrush trees and old ornaments from your tree.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Beginner   Part of Series

Top Tips: Taxidermy Displays

In another Top Tips segment, Sandra Harding demonstrates a fun idea for creating taxidermy displays. These unique decor items would be perfect for a gentleman's office or a hunting lodge, and will use up all those small plastic boxes you have sitting around the house.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Intermediate   Part of Series

Top Tips: Household Items

Sandra is back to share more of her top tips for getting creative in your mini making. This time she shares some rather out-of-the box ideas for incorporating oddments into your miniature displays and dollhouses.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Beginner   Part of Series

Top Tips: Cameo Brooches

In this Top Tip segment with Sandra Harding, she shares some great ideas for recycling old cameo brooches that you pick up at trunk shows or flea markets. They can make elegant wall hangings in any miniature scene.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Beginner   Part of Series

Top Tips: Holiday Ornaments

Sandra Harding shares more of her top tips with you in this next segment. Here she discusses recycling holiday ornaments for fabulous mini projects.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Beginner   Part of Series

Mini Carpet Bag

It's easy and fun to make these gorgeous mini carpet bags. Sandra shows you how to make a Victorian style and then how to give that a modern twist.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Intermediate  

Red & Green Christmas Arrangement

Perfect for your Christmas feast, this red and green arrangement will be the focal point of your mini table this holiday season. Sandra shows you how.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Beginner  

Red Rose Arrangement

Your sweetheart deserves red roses every day of the year, so why not make them in mini? Sandra shows you how easy it can be to make this arrangement.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Beginner  

Top Tips: Charm Bracelets

Sandra Harding stops by the Dollshouse.TV studio to share her top tips. In this segment, she offers ideas for recycling old charm bracelet charms.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Beginner   Part of Series

A Miniature Parasol

A miniaturist is always on the lookout for supplies lying around the house, and Sandra does just that with cocktail sticks to make miniature parasols.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Beginner  

Jewelry Display

Sandra Harding visits the Dollshouse.TV to demonstrate a fun and simple project: a jewelry display perfect for your mini gems and jewels.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Beginner  

One-Fold Screen

Miniaturist Sandra Harding shows us how to make a lovely one-fold screen in miniature. You'll love displaying this beautiful creation in your mini parlor.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Beginner  

Sandra's Bride Shop

Step inside Sandra Harding's miniature bridal shop for an exquisite collection of fine miniatures, perfect for your mini bride-to-be.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Everyone  

Miniature Corset

Sandra Harding shows us how to make a beautiful miniature corset for your mini shop or dollhouse. Too bad we can't make them in full scale!

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Intermediate