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Grape Vine

In this demonstration Tanya shows us the techniques used to create a decorative mini grape vine for the garden, complete with twisting vines and gorgeous grapes.

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Intermediate  

Non-Working Roman Blinds

Looking to makeover a room or scene? Spruce up the place with a fresh decor? A new set of blinds can really do the trick. Tanya shares this idea for non-working Roman blinds here, and make sure to also see her video on working Roman blinds.

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Beginner  

Box Topiary

In this project, Tanya demonstrates how to make tiny box topiary trees that you can use to enhance your miniature garden or porch.

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Beginner  

Roast Chicken Platter

Don't make this roast chicken platter on an empty stomach because it will surely start grumbling! Tanya shows you how to make this polymer project.

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Beginner  

Christmas Crackers

Looking for that perfect mini item to add to your Christmas tree or holiday table spread? Tanya shows you just the thing: some mini Christmas crackers.

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Beginner  

Christmas Wreaths

In this film, Tanya Waughman demonstrates how to make this beautiful mini Christmas wreath to hang on your dollhouse's front door.

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Beginner  

Christmas Banners

Celebrate Christmas in good cheer with Tanya and her great holiday banners. You can decorate your dollhouse or scene with this fun addition.

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Beginner  

Deli Meats & Cured Ham

We join Tanya Waughman in her kitchen at Thimbleberry Cottage as she shows us how to make meats and cured ham suitable for any delicatessen.

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Beginner  

Working Roman Blinds

Tanya Waughman shows you how to make gorgeous Roman blinds for your miniature displays or dollhouse rooms. Best of all, these blinds actually work!

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Intermediate  

The Chichester Dollshouse Club

Tanya Waughman takes a break from her mini-making to visit a monthly meeting of the Chichester Dollshouse Club to see what they've been up to.

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Everyone  

Miniature Cheeses

In this project, Tanya shows us how to make a variety of delicious miniature cheeses from polymer clay that will look good enough to eat!

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Beginner  

Cakes & Cake Stands

Learn how to make a scrumptious and elegant fruit cake in this film with Tanya. She also shows you how to make a sweet little cake stand to display your creation.

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Beginner  

Tanya's Restaurant

Tanya Waughman shows us around her late 1920's restaurant in which she has included a bakery, tearoom, and cake shop. All in miniature of course!

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Everyone  

Bread & Dough Treats

We join Tanya in her kitchen at Thimbleberry Cottage as she shows how to make tasty breads, cakes, scones, and doughnuts with polymer clay.

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Beginner  

French Sofa

You can learn how to make a charming French sofa, elegant and simple in design, perfect for any room of the home. Make sure to download the free pattern below!

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Intermediate