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About Us


Have you ever wanted an expert at your side to walk you through your mini projects? Someone to explain techniques, offer helpful tips, and help you come up with creative ideas? Well now you can, with Dollshouse.TV!

Dollshouse.TV is the incredible online TV channel that is devoted to your favorite hobby. You watch it right on your computer or favorite mobile device.

Who we are

Dollshouse.TV is one of the TV websites created by Ashdown Broadcasting, the thriving, independent company that has been producing specialist hobby magazines across the globe for over 25 years. Our titles include the popular American Miniaturist, Dollhouse Miniatures, and Dolls House World magazines.

What's playing

At you’ll find hundreds of exciting projects designed to entertain, inspire, and instruct you in your hobby.

Follow along with our instructors as they offer you valuable advice and tips, as well as creative techniques and project ideas. Their primary goal is to share their expertise and keep you inspired.

We’ll also take you out and about, touring local dollhouse shops and shows, and visiting the homes of talented miniaturists to see their collections for an extra dose of inspiration.

When to watch

Best of all, you can watch Dollshouse.TV when you want, as many times as you want, for the duration of your subscription. Your favorite projects are always playing, 24/7, at

And new films are being added all the time from our studios in Minnesota and West Sussex, England. This means that Dollshouse.TV has a unique mix of content from across the globe.

Have a favorite series or topic that you’d like to take home? Many of our films are also available for purchase as DVDs at our online hobby store, Here you’ll find tons of great DVDs, project CDs, kits, and other mini products.

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Miniaturists from all over the world are signing up for Dollshouse.TV every week. There's nowhere else you can find such a wonderful combination of talent at your side, helping you through your projects. Dollshouse.TV is all about having fun together!

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