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Bailey Miller

Bailey loves all things mini and has the opportunity to share that joy with the presenters here on Dollshouse.TV. You'll see her interviewing many of the talented miniaturists featured here and participating in their great how-to demonstrations. Bailey is a beginner and, like you, loves learning from the experts!

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Betsy Singer

Former editor of Dollhouse Miniatures magazine, Betsy enjoys helping out in the Dollshouse.TV studio interviewing guests, participating in how-to demonstrations, and "oohing and aahing" at all the amazing minis that come in.

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Bob Funk

Bob has a long history in the miniatures field. Former president of the Midwest Miniatures Guild and historian of antique dollhouses and miniature scenes, Bob and his wife JoAnn McCracken also have a massive miniature collection. An educator for most of his life, Bob also excels at making the hobby accessible for a variety of skill levels.

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Carol Ebling

The first time readers met Carol was when her beautiful dollhouse was featured in the My Favourite House section in Dolls House World magazine. She enjoys nothing better than to be passing on her incredible creative skill to others, especially at many of the club workshops that she takes throughout the year.

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Carol Rosenthal

Carol has a knack for creating amazingly realistic miniature flowers and greenery displays using rice paper, glue, and lots of patience. Her talent stems from a sincere interest in nature's flora and many years in the miniature hobby. Carol enjoys sharing her tips and designs right here on Dollshouse.TV.

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Gene Olswold

Gene is affectionately known as the "Dollhouse Doctor." For decades Gene has worked with miniatures and is an expert on making and detailing dollhouses. From wallpapering and shingling to lighting and wiring, Gene is at the top of this field.

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Georgina Steeds

Flowers and plants are Georgina's love and passion, and passing on her skill in creating beautiful blooms is something that she loves doing. Her knowledge of plants, especially with regard to color and structure, is truly reflected in the tiny masterpieces she creates from her flower kits.

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Jean Caff

Jean is a superbly talented miniaturist, and during her many years in the hobby she has always been happy to pass her expertise on to others. Jean loves to produce realistic settings and Dolls House World has featured many of her incredible houses and shops. Now we're delighted to feature her ideas on Dollshouse.TV.

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Jill Mundy

Jill is the former sub-editor of Dolls House World magazine in the UK. Jill has a degree in designing full-size knitwear and her skill has been miniaturized in many patterns and techniques that she has shared with magazine readers, and now Dollshouse.TV viewers.

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Joan Purcell

Joan is a long-standing member of the Midwest Miniatures Guild in Minnesota. Joan dabbles in all sorts of creative miniatures, but particularly excels in porcelain doll making and miniature doll dressing.

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Joyce Dean

As the former editor of Dolls House World magazine, Joyce delighted readers with her expertise and passion for miniatures. She shared that joy with the viewers of Dollshouse.TV as well as her many fellow show attendees. Joyce had an eye for all things small. Though she passed away in 2010, her warmth still lives on today.

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Karen Fernholz

As a former elementary school teacher, Karen is great with children and making miniatures a fun hobby for all ages. She and her husband own and run one of the only miniature retail stores in the state of Minnesota, Little Enchantments. She is credited for helping newcomers become professionals either in their hobby or for others, who have made it their business.

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Kim Carlson

Kim is a woman of many hats. A noted writer, editor, and former elementary teacher, Kim's words have been published in numerous educational and hobby publications. She has authored many children's books, is a mother of two, and is an avid traveler. Kim has been crocheting, quilting, and sewing for most of her life and began her life in miniature as the former sub-editor of Dollhouse Miniatures magazine.

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Mary Wallace

Mary is very active in her miniature community, including her local Sue's Day Club and the Midwest Miniatures Guild. Her interest also spans internationally as she arranges annual travel trips to miniature hot-spots throughout Europe for fellow enthusiasts. A recent accomplishment of Mary's was introducing the art of miniature to a major charity event in her hometown called "A Chair Affair."

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Patrick Kinney

"Not your ordinary miniaturist" describes Patrick beautifully. Patrick has an engineering background and has an incredible eye for detail. You'll see him show us how to make anything from wood flooring to birdhouses and everything in between. He runs his own kit business and much of what he demonstrates he also sells.

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Sandi Palesch

IGMA Artisan Sandi Palesch can work wonders with polymer clay, especially miniature eats and treats that are real enough to make your stomach grumble. Sandi has made many project DVDs featuring her mini delectables that are available for purchase at

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Sandra Harding

Sandra began collecting dollhouses and all things miniature 20 years ago, since when she has owned some 15 dollhouses at one time or another. Several of them have been featured both in Dolls House World magazine and on Dollshouse.TV. Her enthusiasm leads her to pursue any new idea, and she loves the fantasy world inhabited by all miniaturists.

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Tanya Waughman

Tanya is the treasurer of the Chichester Dolls House Club. She started her first dollhouse project eight years ago and was determined to make as many miniature items as possible to fill it. Since then she has become hooked on making miniatures and shares her talents with the viewers of Dollshouse.TV.

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Traci Nigon

Traci is the multi-talented sub-editor of American Miniaturist and Dollhouse Miniatures magazines, and you'll often see her popping up on Dollshouse.TV as a host and spokesperson for many of the great items offered within the HobbyWorld.TV family.