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A Classic Gentleman

Looking to dress your mini gentleman in a classic waistcoat, jacket, and trousers? Joan shows you how using Bob Cratchit from "A Christmas Carol" as her muse.

Presenter: Joan Purcell     Intermediate   Series

Welcome to HobbyWorld.TV

Welcome to the future of television, HobbyWorld.TV. Wherever you are, whatever your hobby, whenever you want. We've got your hobby covered!

Presenter: Bailey Miller    Everyone  

Using Your iPad

Thanks to new technology, you can now view your American Miniaturist and Dollhouse Miniatures iMag subscriptions on your iPad. We show you how!

Presenter: Traci Nigon    Everyone  

Meet Traci Nigon

Meet Traci Nigon, the new sub-editor of American Miniaturist and Dollhouse Miniatures magazines. Visit online at to learn more about these great mini mags.

Presenter: Traci Nigon    Everyone  

Painting Metal Miniatures

Mary Wallace shows you how to properly prepare and paint your metal miniature pieces, from removing any flashing to painting the fine details.

Presenter: Mary Wallace     Advanced  

Miniature Thanksgiving: Episode 2

In episode two of the Mini Thanksgiving series, Sandi shows how to make delicious polymer clay side dishes to accompany the turkey from Episode 1.

Presenter: Sandi Palesch     Intermediate   Series

Inside Stairs: Episode 1

In this the first episode of this three-part series, Patrick speaks with Betsy about the materials needed and the basic preparation.

Presenter: Patrick Kinney     Advanced   Series

A World of Miniatures: Podcast 2

We've got news, views, and plenty to peruse in the second World of Miniatures podcast. Joyce talks to a newcomer about getting started in the hobby.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Everyone  

A World of Miniatures: Podcast 3

Join Bailey and Sandi as they look at Sandi's new DVD and try some of her projects in this edition of the World of Miniatures podcast.

Presenter: Sandi Palesch     Everyone  

Woven Baskets

Join Carol for a detailed demonstration on making simple but effective baskets out of string, glue, and a bottle cap. Use your basket for laundry or storage!

Presenter: Carol Ebling     Advanced  

Instant Flower Bouquet

A tiny bouquet adds a nice detail to any room setting, and they're so easy to make with tissue paper. Why not present one to your mini sweetheart?

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Beginner  

Gift Wrap Kit

Joyce Dean shows us how to wrap presents with this great little kit now available at, exclusively from Mini Makes.

Presenter: Joyce Dean     Beginner  

Meet Kim Carlson

Take a moment to meet Kim Carlson, the former sub-editor of Dollhouse Miniatures magazine. Betsy gets to know this accomplished writer.

Presenter: Kim Carlson     Everyone