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Making Trees from Steel Wool

Who doesn't love making minis from items we have lying around the house? Karen shows you how to make realistic mini trees from standard steel wool.

Presenter: Karen Fernholz     Everyone   Series

Bonsai Trees from Flower Soft

Add a touch of modern class to your miniature scenes with this realistic bonsai tree made with Flower Soft. Karen shows you how easy it is.

Presenter: Karen Fernholz     Everyone   Series

Beachside Bungalow: Window Frames

In the thirteenth episode, Bob shows us another task we can accomplish while other pieces of our dollhouse kit are drying. Learn how to correctly assemble a window frame from your kit.

Presenter: Bob Funk    Intermediate   Series

Meet Rosemary Cooper

Tanya introduces our new Dosllhouse.TV presenter Rosemary Cooper and finds out about her beautiful and unique 1:12 scale dollhouse which she designed and built herself.

Presenter: Rosemary Cooper     Everyone  

Top Tips: Tudor Jacobean Accessories

In the next episode of Sandra's Top Tips, we learn some fascinating ideas for creating accessories used in Tudor Jacobean miniature displays. As always, make sure to keep an eye out for interesting items that can be used in your miniatures.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Beginner   Series

Beachside Bungalow: Stucco Foundation

In the eleventh episode, Sara reveals a change of heart she had while working on her house and shows us a brand new color scheme! Right in time too, because the next step here is to stucco the foundation.

Presenter: Bob Funk    Beginner   Series

Beachside Bungalow: Floor Layout

In the twelfth episode, Bob gives us something to think about while our paint or glue is drying. Particularly looking at the floor layout to prepare for the painting and wallpapering steps. The beauty of a dollhouse kit is that there if flexibility in the floor layout.

Presenter: Bob Funk    Intermediate   Series

Bob & Jo's Collection: Episode 2

In Episode 2 of our tour of Jo McCracken and Bob Funk's amazing dollhouse and room box collection, we see even more and learn their interesting stories.

Presenter: JoAnn McCracken     Everyone  

Welcome to Dollshouse.TV

Welcome to Dollshouse.TV! The place to be if you're ready to take your hobby to a whole new level. Subscribe and log on today for hundreds of great how-to videos all about your favorite hobby.

Presenter: Bailey Miller    Everyone  

Achieving a Modern Design

Victorian and classic Americana might be some of the most popular decorating themes in miniatures today, but what about modern styles? Expert miniature architect Erik Goddard excels in building modern structures, and he offers some of his design tips with you here.

Presenter: Erik Goddard    Advanced  

Top Tips: Christmas Quickmakes

In this Top Tips segment, Sanda has Christmas on the mind. She will give you some great ideas for sprucing up those standard bottlebrush trees and old ornaments from your tree.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Beginner   Series

Beachside Bungalow: Preassembled Doors

In the tenth episode, Bob has some more time while waiting for glue and paint to dry so he takes a look at the preassembled door that came with the kit and shows us what to keep in mind when we are ready to paint it.

Presenter: Bob Funk    Beginner   Series

Meet Erik Goddard

We had the privilege of sitting down with miniature architect Erik Goddard to discuss life, art, and of course, miniatures. Learn the story behind this talented and fascinating artist from the man himself.

Presenter: Erik Goddard    Everyone  

Top Tips: Taxidermy Displays

In another Top Tips segment, Sandra Harding demonstrates a fun idea for creating taxidermy displays. These unique decor items would be perfect for a gentleman's office or a hunting lodge, and will use up all those small plastic boxes you have sitting around the house.

Presenter: Sandra Harding     Intermediate   Series

Aging and Weathering

Nothing gives a miniature structure that sense of realism better than aging and weathering. Erik Goddard, an expert miniature architect, shares with us his tips for achieving our own realistic finishes.

Presenter: Erik Goddard    Advanced  

Lighting with Erik Goddard

Erik Goddard is a talented miniature architect who specializes in realistic finishes and lighting effects. In this segment, he shares with you a few ideas for maximizing realism in your own miniature lighting effects.

Presenter: Erik Goddard    Advanced  

Grape Vine

In this demonstration Tanya shows us the techniques used to create a decorative mini grape vine for the garden, complete with twisting vines and gorgeous grapes.

Presenter: Tanya Waughman    Intermediate  

Beachside Bungalow: Preparing for Shingles

In the eigth episode, Bob shows you how to prepare the roof for shingling that you will complete later in the project. This is a quick step you can do while waiting for glue or paint to dry.

Presenter: Bob Funk    Beginner   Series

Beachside Bungalow: Support Brackets

In the ninth episode, Bob begins assembling the many support brackets that will be installed later in the project. Exact alignment is crucial here, and this is another step you can work on while other pieces are drying.

Presenter: Bob Funk    Beginner   Series

Sunshine Tulips

Dollshouse.TV is happy to invite to the studio Carol Rosenthal, a mini flower expert, as she shows Bailey how to make multi-colored Sunshine Tulips.

Presenter: Carol Rosenthal     Advanced  

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