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Sunshine Tulips

Dollshouse.TV is happy to invite to the studio Carol Rosenthal, a mini flower expert, as she shows Bailey how to make multi-colored Sunshine Tulips.

Presenter: Carol Rosenthal     Advanced  

Tall Bearded Iris

In this flower-making film, Carol teaches Bailey how to create an impressive bouquet of tall bearded irises. In miniature, of course!

Presenter: Carol Rosenthal     Advanced  

Miniature Clematis

Join Bailey as she learns how to make stunning miniature clematis flowers from floral expert, Carol Rosenthal, who really has an eye for color.

Presenter: Carol Rosenthal     Advanced  

Perfect Laser Cut Ferns

Carol shows you how to make many laser cut ferns - from potted to garden varieties - and how to incorporate them into a perfect garden scene.

Presenter: Carol Rosenthal     Advanced  

Mini Morning Glories

Join Carol Rosenthal in making perfect mini morning glories with a variety of paper types and hand-cut leaves. Carol also offers you ideas for how to display your creations in your mini settings.

Presenter: Carol Rosenthal     Advanced  

Meet Carol Rosenthal

Meet Carol Rosenthal, a miniaturist who specializes in creating amazingly lifelike flowers. Her passion for real life flora has been miniaturized!

Presenter: Carol Rosenthal     Everyone  

Mini Pansies

Join Carol and Bailey in a lesson on making miniature pansies for your garden scenes. Carol also offers ideas on how to pot and display your tiny creations.

Presenter: Carol Rosenthal     Advanced